The NanoProteoGenomics course - NPG - is not made with the best of today but with the best of tomorrow.


At Bioscope Group ( we believe in a world where your career gets everything it needs; where you can perform optimally; where learning is easy, fast, and affordable. The NPG is an amazing course that scientifically matches perfectly not the today but the tomorrow. It is conveniently packaged per student, so you can use it anywhere in your career. Research is not perfect, but at Bioscope we are hard at work every day to create the perfect course!

The NPG course is not an all-in one course shake, no; NPG is at the forefront of the research movement, a revolution!


The scientific society is under constant pressure. For the first time since the dawn of the rational thinking we see learning expectancy decrease. Poor learning is more prevalent than ever. The production of scientific data, and in particular papers of excellence, comes at the expense of time and resources. About 80% of all results produced end up in the trash. It’s time for an alternative.


The solution offered by the big research giants is intellectually empty fast papers that make one stupid. The end result is an epidemic of non-sense, non-to-know-for-what-to-use research.


The NPG course is not just an alternative; NPG takes into account the future of science by joining the excellence of nano to the best of proteomics and genomics.


The NPG will fill your research gaps with stable knowledge acquired by the combination of the theory essentials of the three areas, plus an intensive laboratorial hands-on schedule, it is a statement! The NPG course is enhanced with each new research innovation.


In the coming years, the learning outcomes will allow you to ultimately find the tools for optimal research.


The NPG course is a new form of learning created by great scientists, futurists and professional researchers with an outstanding record of publications.